Healing Network Virtual Conference 2020

JULY 30 - AUGUST 1, 2020

Nine of 10 people impacted by abortion

don’t know where to go for healing.

Countdown To Healing


This conference will unite abortion healing leaders, clergy, service providers, educators, and organizations.


Participants will learn to build a collaborative network, and discover innovative ways to better serve those who need healing. 


We believe that everyone deserves a place to heal after abortion.


Come join the conversation.


Support After Abortion will host our first-ever FREE Support After Abortion Healing Network Virtual Conference from

July 30 - August 1, 2020. 


Our mission is to build and strengthen abortion healing worldwide.​

Top Presentation Titles

Here's a sampling of some of the top presentations included in this conference.

  • An options based approach to after abortion support and healing.

  • In the midst of chaos, bring healing.

  • Abortion healing for military and veterans.

  • Inviting parishioners to begin healing.

  • The Ripple Effect, how abortion hurts family and friends.


 Angela Minter 

 Star Parker 

 ​Pam Whitehead 

 Mary McClusky 

 Pat Layton 

 Yolanda Gorick 

 Colleen Roca 

 Jody Duffy 

 Jack Harper 

 Karen Garnett 

 Toni Mcfadden 

 Tricia Lewis 

 Walter Hoye 

 Lovette Vassar 

 Jane Abbate 

 Kathy Koch 

 Lisa Rowe 

 Georgette Forney 

 Hope Burt 

 Tim Welsh 

 Deborah Tilden 

 Janine Marrone 

 Catherine Davis 

 Sheila Harper 

 Brad Mattes 

 Bri Laycock 

 Karin Barbito 

 Wendy Giancola 

 Lisa Winchell 

 Bridget VanMeans 

 More Speakers 
 Joining Daily 

 Jessica Russo 

 Fr. Shawn Monahan 

 Karen Ellison 

 Cindy Brunk 

 Tammy Kocher 

 Melinda Means 

 Jessie Lapek 

 Marc and Tegra Little 

 Bill Shapard 

 Joanne Hoehne 

 Joshua Mazrin 


 Jeanne Pernia 

 Sr. Mercy Marie and Sr. Gemma Grace Marie Sv 

Who We Are

The story of Support After Abortion began as a grassroots project three years ago, serving as an intake location with a mission: to refer clients hurting from abortion to the most appropriate program available based on their needs.  


We learned quickly that there is no single pathway to healing, and that we had to meet each client where they were in their journey in order to provide the help they so desperately needed.


Our vision is to see a world healed from the impact of abortion. This cannot be done alone; with hundreds of abortion healing programs available, we must unite to build and strengthen abortion healing worldwide.


Free To Attend

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July 30 - August 1, 2020


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